General Interest Meetings!

The Nashville People’s Budget Coalition is now a member-based organization! We are holding interest meetings to share about our history, our present, and how you can contribute as a member to our shared future!

What does a member do? NPBC members will be equipped to build relationships and power in their neighborhood and council district by organizing neighbors around the challenges they face, all with the support of fellow members and leaders.

The goal is to build a safe and thriving Nashville for all, which requires an abundance of affordable housing, expansive transit, fully-funded education, living wages, violence prevention, non-police crisis response, health care, libraries, parks, and much more.

Endless funding for cops, courts, and cages inhibits our safety and wellbeing by looting funds that could otherwise resource our collective wellbeing through social goods, violence prevention, and effective crisis response. Instead, Nashville serves and protects a few at the expense of many. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How do we build a Nashville for all? By building neighborhood and district-based associations, assemblies, and other people-powered decision-making bodies that shift power to shape the budget and improve our material conditions.

Building a safer, more abundant Nashville for all starts with building relationships of solidarity in our own neighborhoods and with our own people. Join us on February 13 or 16 to learn more about how you can join in this critical community-building work! 

We are a multiracial collective striving to build multiracial people power for a world of safety and abundance beyond cops, courts, cages, and the racial capitalism they uphold. If you share our vision and purpose, join us!

Go here to register for our in-person (February 13) or virtual (February 16) meeting. Let’s build together!

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