We’re Back & We’re Building! Join Us!

Greetings comrades and friends!

After taking a year to rest and regroup, the Nashville People’s Budget Coalition is back and preparing to pick up where we left off: building people power to divest public funds from police, jails, and courts that neither keep us safe nor help us thrive, and to invest abundantly in the public goods like housing, education, transit, and non-police emergency response that do. 

The chorus of Nashville residents fed up with mass displacement, rising unaffordability, and leaders that continually place profits before people is growing louder and louder everyday. The time for business as usual is running out. 

We have some exciting opportunities coming soon for you and your neighbors to join and grow our work of building toward a new Nashville for all, starting in your own neighborhood and council district. We hope you will join us!

Our first event on the calendar will be a virtual book club to help nourish our imaginations for what’s possible and build our analytical and strategic toolbox for getting there. We’re reading the recently published book No More Police: A Case for Abolition by Mariame Kaba and Andrea Ritchie. Our first gathering will be November 1, 6:30-7:30 p.m. Future meeting dates and times will be announced soon. 

Register for our November 1 virtual gathering here. 

If you are curious about or already eager to join the movement to build a world of safety and abundance without police, jails, and prisons in Nashville, we hope you will join us! 

A firm commitment to abolition is not required in order to attend! Reading the book is encouraged but not required. Attendance at all book club meetings is also not required. Come as you are and as you are able!

We look forward to discussing and learning together through this important and highly accessible book, which was written specifically with organizers and non-experts in mind.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to join our work soon! Sign up for our email list here.

In solidarity,

Nashville People’s Budget Coalition

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